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​There is great confusion in the Western imagination when it comes to tantric massage to which people often assign a meaning of a sexual game or regard it as a kind of erotic massage. But is not it, because tantric massage is a means to physical well-being. Sweet and pleasant, it has positive outcome on pains and discomforts related to psycho-emotional-sexual field, it helps releasing tension and stress, while charging up with the vital energy.

1. The Session: Preliminary Preparations
The person, completely naked, receives treatment lying on the couch. The ritual lasts about 1 ½ hours. Candles, scents and music create the atmosphere of sensuality and relaxation.
Optionally, about 20 minutes at the beginning of tantric massage session can be dedicated to harmonizing energy through meditation. This is followed by chanting of mantras, breathing exercises and visualizations (the person receiving the massage is always guided by your masseuse, according to their mood and energy state. It helps to make scenarios that create a state of total abandonment of all tensions and blockages).

2.  The massage
These preliminary preparations and procedures are followed by about 50 minutes of the massage that is performed on the face and body. the first massage strokes are made particularly delicate, thus allowing a masseuse to come into the contact with her client. These gestures are slow, gentle and wide: it is as if her hands were performing a choreographed harmony to the body.
The expert follows the lines of the meridians, chakras and nadis (channels through which passes the prana, life energy that feeds all parts of the body).
Depending on the proclivities of the receiver, tantric masseuse can proceed with a gentle massage strokes over the body or with a more vigorous ones. even the most intimate part will not be forgotten. This will create a state of total well-being and pleasure in the receiver of the massage.
An example: the masseuse performs vibrations in the area of the second chakra, between the navel and the pubis. These vibrations are carried in the palm or fingertip pressure and cause very sweet sensations.
The session always ends with 10 minutes of relaxation during which the client can sip some specially made restorative herbal tea. Client has often been eager to learn what has been experienced with the masseuse.
Obviously the feelings and the effects are entirely subjective, but it is a liberation of his blocked energy that matters a lot. But in general, the typical effects observed after a professional tantric massage are profound sense of liberation, peace, harmony and balance.

3. Why practice erotic massage
As mentioned above, Tantric massage is designed to lead to a powerful sensory experience for the purpose of meditation and listening to the Higher Self. As such, it is primarily an expansion and spiritual elevation, accessible to all, both as part of a path of growth and as an occasional moment of happiness and relaxation. When the individual is totally open, away from deeply ingrained personal patterns and social conditioning, here opens a passage that leads into deeper dimensions. It takes full awareness and consciousness to experience this deeper reality.

4. The benefits of tantric massage
The fact that we have seen incredible and often rapid beneficial effects on specific issues related to female sexuality, such as anorgasmia, difficulty or lack of sexual arousal, etc.. is not surprising. By its essence, it is not a massage but rather a way to open the access to the higher self that allows the release of emotional and psychological blocks which have led to the emergence of the problem. No one is excluded from the benefits of this practice, although it is mainly women who for various reasons are approaching tantric massage with particular courage and curiosity. Often they experience emotions never felt before. This is a sign that people are evolving, are getting rid of cages and networks of superstition and false modesty, which for years have caused them dissatisfaction, repression, and accumulation of stress.